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We like to share our linux-ISO's too on LAN parties of about 60 people.

We tried Windows Sharing, DC++, Torrents, but that all had downsides. We now use oDC, as that is a convenient DC++ client which doesn't need hashing, however, all development seem to have stopped and it has some quirks, some people even hate it.

Now we're looking for a good sharing program, for which D-LAN seems very very promising. However, as we have many newcomers every LAN, we would like to have a sharing program that doesn't need hashing. Is it possible to have an option in D-LAN to turn off Hashing altogether or have a very simple hashing algorithm, that doesn't need to read the WHOLE sharing directories (up to 2.5 TB in our case), as that just takes too long the way it is now... Hashing 2.5 TB just takes too long for a LAN. Or maybe hashing on demand could be an idea too?

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RE: Hashing - Added by Greg Burri almost 12 years ago

Hi, thanks for you interest and sorry for this late answer.

D-LAN need to hash files before they can be downloaded, however the hashing is on the fly, so you can download a file which hasn't been yet hashed. Actually D-LAN use only one core for hashing, so it doesn't use all the resource for a multicore processor (nearly all processor today).

If you have 2.5 TB of data you can also run the hashing process before your lan party, the ashes are persisted.

I wish I had answered your question.

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Actually this not answer to question. I was looking also lan p2p software where I can disable hashing. I google and notice in several forums that is is quite searched feature. Also I noticed that "d-lan developer" had tell to that it is possible disable it. Still I dont find way to do that.
When you have 1Gbps LAN, terabytes of data in each user and they also want do gaming on same time that hashing is just pointless and annoying. There is no way that it get hashed all data in time of event so why waste cpu and disk io to even try do that.
So my guestion is that can you make feature what allows user to disable hashing or do I need make fork of that project where I just rip off that feature permanently?

RE: Hashing - Added by Greg Burri over 9 years ago

Hi, I'm sorry but you can't completely disable hashing in D-LAN, nearly all protocol messages1 rely on hashes so it will be hard to rip off this feature. From my personal experience I have no difficulties to play to modern games when hashing.