Feature #199

Updated by Greg Burri over 9 years ago

* Make a script to build a deb package 
 * 32 bits and 64 bits version should be created during the build process and packaged as two different deb files. 
 * A _.desktop._ file should be created in @/usr/share/application@ for D-LAN GUI and a icon should be attached to it 
 * As a first step, GUI and Core will be included together in the same package. 
 * A script will be created in /etc/init.d to start the core as a service, the core is registered as daemon during the deploying by calling @D-LAN.Core -i@. 
 ** A user _d-lan-core_ is created for the daemon 
 ** The directory /var/d-lan is created during the deployment and automatically added to the 'd-lan' user shared files