(Not yet implemented)

The core can be launched with the console support.

-c, --console
   Enable the console mode.


help : Show all commands

seach <text> : Search
snext : next results of the last search
sprev : previous results of the last search
sdownload <id> : add in queue the download

peers : list of the peers
browse <id> : list all file/folder of a peer
bfolder <id> : browse a folder
bdownload <id> :

downloads :
dcancel <id>

uploads :

chat <message>
cview [<n>] : view the n last message

setnick <nick>

sharedfolders : list all shared folders
sadd <path> [w]
sremove <id>

status : Show the following information : <d/l rate>, <u/l rate>, <total peers sharing>, <cache status>
   <d/l rate> : The total download rate in kB/s
   <u/l rate> : The total upload rate in kB/s
   <total peers sharing> : Total amount of shared data in Mb
   <cache status> : Can be "scanning", "hashing" or "up-to-date" 

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