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h1. Home 

 * [[Study of bittorent protocol]] 

 h2. Description 

 A bit brainstormed for the moment ;) 

 * Designed for LAN usage (full trusted peer) 
 * Efficient (very low cpu usage) 
 * Distributed download (multi peer host downloading) 
 ** Based on the torrent protocol (to defined) 
 * There is a general chat 
 * Multicast UDP for services discovering 
 * MDI GUI with GTK2HS 
 ** A panel to view the current peers users 
 ** A window to view the current downloads (leechage) and one for the current uploads (seedage) 
 ** A window for the chat 
 ** Some windows for each file browsing 
 * File list with name+size 
 * No-blocking search