Howtos - Hack on Mac OS X

Snow Leopard

  • Install git
  • Install Xcode 4
  • Open Xcode preferences dialog and install the command line tools in the Downloads tab
  • Install Qt SDK
  • Download and install Protocol Buffer. Basically, you just have to do :
    make check
    sudo make install
  • Create a file called qt in /etc/paths.d containing /Users/<user>/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/bin/
  • Set up Qt Creator
    • Launch Qt Creator
    • Open the projects D-LAN/application/ and D-LAN/application/
    • For both projects:
      • Uncheck Shadow build in the Build Settings tab.
      • Add the argument -f Makefile-Core to Make for the build configuration Debug . Replace 'Core' by 'GUI' for the GUI project.
    • Add -e as an argument in the Run Settings tab of the Core project.
    • Run the shell script located in the application directory
    • You can now compile and run the two projects.

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