Howtos - Hack on Windows 10 & 11

You need to:

  1. Install Git for Windows (needed by Tortoise Git) :
    1. Do not install in "Program files" or in a path which contains spaces. We recommend to install in C:\git.
  2. Install Qt and Qt Creator from
    1. Select the latest version of MinGW 64 bits during installation (11.2.0 for instance)
  3. Install protobuf library source
    1. Download and uncompress the latest release from : (for example:
    2. Rename the directory to protobuf
    3. Launch "Git Bash" and go to /c/protobuf then type :
      1. export MAKE=mingw32-make
      2. PATH=$PATH:/c/Qt/Tools/mingw1120_64/bin
      3. ./configure CXXFLAGS=-O2 --enable-shared=no
      4. mingw32-make
  4. Git clone the repository :
    1. git:// if you just want clone the repository (read-only).
    2. :Ummon/D-LAN.git if you have a full access (read+write).
  5. Set up Qt Creator
    1. Launch Qt Creator
    2. Open the projects d-lan/application/ and d-lan/application/
    3. For both projects:
      1. Uncheck Shadow build in the Build Settings tab.
      2. Add the argument debug -f Makefile-Core to Make for the build configuration Debug and release -f Makefile-Core for the build configuration Release. Replace 'Core' by 'GUI' for the GUI project.
    4. Add -e as an argument and check1 Run in terminal in the Run Settings tab of the Core project.
    5. You can now compile and run the two projects.

1 Without this option the Core cannot be launched in debug mode (stderr cannot be used).

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