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Greg Burri, 01/26/2011 02:57 PM

Howtos - Profiling


  • Open a "Git Bash" command line (should be in the start menu).
  • Go in aybabtu/application
  • Type ./ --prof --clean, 'clean' is only necessary if the previous release compilation wasn't with the option '--prof'.
  • Go in aybabtu/application/Core/output/release for the Core or aybabtu/application/GUI/output/release for the GUI.
  • Launch the Core AybabtuCore.exe -e
  • Do the operations you want to measure.
  • Type 'quit' to stop the Core. A file called 'gmon.out' should be created in the current folder.
  • Type gprof AybabtuCore.exe > prof.txt. To generate a readable file. The file name can be anything you want, choose it wisely.
  • Open 'prof.txt' with a text editor.

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