Howtos - Run D-LAN as a deamon


The current version (1.1) doesn't have a init.d script. Despite this, it is easy to launch a detached instance of D-LAN without using tools like screen.

After installing D-LAN you can use this command to register it as a service:

sudo d-lan-core -i [account] [password]

Where account and password are optional parameters.

Then you can run d-lan by just typing:


You can stop it with d-lan-core -t and know its status with d-lan-core -v.

To remotely control the core with D-LAN.GUI you have to define a password with the following command. The core must be stopped.

d-lan-core --pass <a password>


After D-LAN installation is complete, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Open the properties of D-LAN Core and set the Startup type from Manual to Automatic.

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