• The filename is aybabtu_core - <date> <time>.log

Severity messages

  • EndUser : Will be show to the user in the log panel
  • Debug : All information debug message like packets received (only logged in Debug Mode)
  • Warning : Some slight anomalies
  • Error : Cases that shouldn't occur, the program can continue to operate
  • FataError : The program is in an unpredictable state, it must stop


LogViewer is a little standalone application to read the log. Here is a description of the GUI elements.

  • A list of the log files (sessions)
  • A list of entries for a selected files
    • Each entry shows a time, a severity level, a thread name, a component name and a message
  • A text zone to apply a filter (searching in message)
  • A button to pause
  • A combobox to filter by severity
  • A combobox to filter by module
  • It can be able to automatically load new line if the file changes

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