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Greg Burri, 12/11/2008 05:32 PM

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h1. Prototypes
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Prototypes are locate in the '/prototypes' directory in the repository. The goal is to write some code to try to resolve a particular problem which we don't know exactly how to solve.
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5 8 Greg Burri
# Creating SHA-1 hash for each part of a file.
6 10 Greg Burri
# Observing the modifications of the files structure. To hash new added files and remove hash when a file is deleted.
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# Multicast UDP.
# Protocol Buffers with Haskell. see
9 9 Greg Burri
# Reading of filename with UTF8 characters.
# Reading and writing the same file from different threads.
11 8 Greg Burri
# Efficient of the file transfer over TCP/IP with Haskell. It includes reading, streaming and writing. Comparisons with SMB and NFS.