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Greg Burri, 11/06/2009 03:28 PM

Stabilisation process

These process involves during the alpha and beta phases. It consists to try to find and resolved a maximum of bug.

  1. Take a look in the bug list, if there is some of them tagged as Urgent or Critical and you are able to resolve it (you know the component involved) then try to fix them.
  2. If there is no bug to resolve, play freely with the software, do anything you want, try to use it in the most unconventional way.
  3. If you detect an anomaly :
    1. Try to locate the component and the chunks of code involved
    2. If it's a critical bug and you know the component try to resolve it immediately
    3. Else insert it as a new issue in the bug tracker. Write a maximum of functional and technical details. It's very important to write the way to reproduce it.

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