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Greg Burri, 08/03/2009 08:51 PM

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h1. Watcher prototype
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The cache file structure store all the hashes of the shared files. If a file is added or removed from a shared directory (or a subfolder) it should be added or removed from the cache.
As far as I know there is no way to watch changes recursively of a folder tree. The QT class _QFileSystemWatcher_ cannot watch recursively.
The only way to synchronize is to periodically scan all the shared data and compare to the cached one. It can be a bit CPU consumer so it should be done with a low priority thread and maybe with a pause between each file hashing.
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h2. Native solution
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h3. Linux : famd
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On Linux it exists a file monitor named _famd_ ... maybe it can be a solution for the Linux based platforms.
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h3. Windows : FindFirstChangeNotification
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On Windows a directory and its subtree can be watched, see :