Linux - Console only version

Added by Mark Prins about 12 years ago

Is there a possibility for a version which can be run from the command line (and thus not require a GUI)?

This way you could create a 'seedbox' (to make a torrent analogy).

You could for example launch the app like:

d-lan --daemon --source=/foo/bar --mirror --computer="Some Name" --folder="some folder" --log=/var/log/d-lan.log

Where it would:
a. run as a daemon
b. monitor the local /foo/bar directory for changes (and starts to hash/share the provided directory)
c. start in mirror mode (mirror a PC in the network)
d. use this computer name for mirroring
e. use this folder name (and al subdirectories) for mirroring
f. log output to /var/log/d-lan.log

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RE: Linux - Console only version - Added by Greg Burri about 12 years ago

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Yes, D-LAN has been designed to be started as a service without any dependencies to graphic interfaces. On Linux there will be a symlink in /bin called d-lan-core to launch D-LAN as a daemon. By default when you type d-lan-core it executes as a daemon. Then you can control it with the GUI from another machine to add a shared directory for example. The shared directories are automatically watched and saved in ~/.d-lan.

We are building an Ubuntu package, I hope it will be released in one or two weeks.

The log files are put in ~/.d-lan/log_core, there is no way to change it for the moment.

The mirror mode is a great idea but doesn't exist, I will note it for a further development.