Upload Support ?

Added by Josh Stahnke over 10 years ago

I'm unable to get the upload working, I figured it hasn't been implemented yet. Anyone know when this may be functional?

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RE: Upload Support ? - Added by washington irving over 10 years ago

Do you mean the way D-LAN shows files in the Upload tab?

I have just started using D-LAN and it's a beautifully simple program, but this is the only problem I have come across so far.
What happens for me is that D-LAN shows the transfer of FILES ONLY in the upload tab, but not the folder as a whole, like the Downloads tab shows during file transfer.
It would be great to get get this collective upload feature implemented.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of programming whatsoever so we will just have to cross our fingers and hope a dev sees this.

RE: Upload Support ? - Added by Greg Burri over 10 years ago

The uploads view is very simple at the moment, I planned to improve it one day .. but I don't know when :(

I may add the full path in the incoming version (1.2), I think it's not very difficult.


I guess you are asking if D-LAN can initiate a file upload to another computer? In this case this is impossible, D-LAN only permits to download.