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h1. Howtos - Hack on Mac OS X 

 h2. Snow Leopard 

 * Install "git": 
 * Install Xcode 4 
 * Install "Qt SDK": 
 * Download and install "Protocol Buffer": Basically, you just have to do : <pre>./configure 
 make check 
 sudo make install 
 * Add the path @/Users/<user>/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/473/gcc/bin/@ to your PATH environment variable. 
 * Set up _Qt Creator_ 
 ** Launch Qt Creator 
 ** Open the projects @D-LAN/application/ and @D-LAN/application/ 
 ** For both projects: 
 *** Uncheck _Shadow build_ in the _Build Settings_ tab. 
 *** Add the argument @-f Makefile-Core@ to _Make_ for the build configuration _Debug_ . Replace _'Core'_ by _'GUI'_ for the _GUI_ project. 
 ** Add @-e@ as an argument in the _Run Settings_ tab of the _Core_ project. 
 ** You can now compile and run the two projects.