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Adrien Crivelli, 11/27/2010 01:30 AM


Hack on Windows Seven

You need to :

  1. Install Tortoise Git :
    1. Kind of SSH Client : TortoisePLink
  2. Install msysgit (needed by Tortoise Git) :
    1. Use Unix style end line.
    2. Do not install in "Program files" or in a path which contains spaces. We recommend to install in C:\git.
  3. If you want an access to the master repository : generate a RSA 2048 bit with Puttygen (come with tortoisegit) and send it to a project manager.
  4. Install Qt SDK (Qt creator is included) : .
    1. Copy and rename C:\Qt\2010.02.1\mingw\bin\mingw32-make to make (needed by protocol buffer).
  5. Add C:\Qt\2010.02.1\mingw\bin;C:\Qt\2010.02.1\qt\bin to your path environment variable.
  6. Install proto buff library source
    1. Download the source zip here : and unzip in C:\protobuf
    2. Correct the file subprocess.h as described here :
    3. Launch "Git bash" and go to /c/protobuf then type :
      1. ./configure
      2. make
    4. Add to your path this directory : C:\protobuf\src to reach executable protoc.
    5. For each component which uses protobuf, you have to define a Build Environment Variable PROTOBUF set to C:\protobuf
  7. Git clone the repository :
    1. git:// if you just want clone the repository.
    2. ssh:/aybabtu.git if you have a full access (read+write).
  8. Generate the sources for the .proto files
    1. Launch "Git bash" and go to aybabtu/application
    2. Type ./ (each time you modify the .proto files you have to run this script)
  9. Set up Qt Creator
    1. TODO

Hack on Linux


You need to :

  1. Install required programs
    1. Git : pacman -S git
    2. protobuf : pacman -S protobuf
    3. Qt creator : pacman -S qtcreator
  2. Git clone the repository
    1. git:// if you just want clone the repository.
    2. ssh:/aybabtu.git if you have a full access (read+write).


  1. Add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to Software Sources
  2. Get required tools
    sudo apt-get install g++ git qt4-qmake qt4-dev-tools
    sudo apt-get install update
    sudo apt-get install upgrade
    sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade # to force the use of latests Qt libs
    cd /tmp
    tar -jxvf ./protobuf-2.3.0.tar.bz2
    cd protobuf-2.3.0
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    make check
    sudo make install
  3. Get source code
    git clone git:// aybabtu
    cd aybabtu/application

Generate the documentation

The code documentation is generated with Doxygen. You must also install Graphviz to enable the diagram generation.

A daily generated documentation can be found here : (errors).

To locally build the documentation you just have to install Doxygen and Graphviz. The configuration file is located here : source:/doc/doxygen/Doxyfile it can be opened by the graphic utility Doxywizard or by the command line doygen Doxyfile. The documentation will be generated in /doc/doxygen/html.

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