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Greg Burri, 05/23/2022 09:23 AM

Howtos - Hack on Windows 10 & 11

You need to:

  1. Install Git for Windows (needed by Tortoise Git) :
    1. Do not install in "Program files" or in a path which contains spaces. We recommend to install in C:\git.
  2. Install Qt and Qt Creator from
    1. Check the latest version of MinGW 64 bits during installation (11.2.0 for instance)
    2. Add paths to MinGW bin: C:\Qt\Tools\mingw1120_64\bin to your path environment variable.
  3. Install protobuf library source
    1. Download and uncompress the latest release from : (for example:
    2. Rename the directory to protobuf
    3. Launch "Git Bash" and go to /c/protobuf then type :
      1. export MAKE=mingw32-make
      2. ./configure CXXFLAGS=-O2 --enable-shared=no
      3. mingw32-make
    4. Add to your path these directories : C:\protobuf\src\;C:\protobuf\src\.libs to reach executable protoc and library libprotobuf.a.
  4. Git clone the repository :
    1. git:// if you just want clone the repository (read-only).
    2. :Ummon/D-LAN.git if you have a full access (read+write).
  5. Generate the C++ code from the Protocol Buffer files (only for version 1.1)
    1. Open a Bash command line, you can use the shortcut "Git Bash" installed with git
    2. Go to the directory "D-LAN/application"
    3. Run the shell script file 1.generate_protos_cpp to generate the .h and .cc files in the directory Protos.
  6. Set up Qt Creator
    1. Launch Qt Creator
    2. Open the projects d-lan/application/ and d-lan/application/
    3. For both projects:
      1. Uncheck Shadow build in the Build Settings tab.
      2. Add the argument debug -f Makefile-Core to Make for the build configuration Debug and release -f Makefile-Core for the build configuration Release. Replace 'Core' by 'GUI' for the GUI project.
    4. Add -e as an argument and check1 Run in terminal in the Run Settings tab of the Core project.
    5. You can now compile and run the two projects.

1 Without this option the Core cannot be launched in debug mode (stderr cannot be used).

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