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Greg Burri, 07/14/2009 11:50 PM

Protocol core-GUI

This page describes the protocol used by Aybabtu for network communication between core and GUI.

See source:protos/gui_protocol.proto for message details.

  • There's can be many GUI connected to one core. This is not a goal to achieve but it can be easily done with the chosen protocol.
  • All communication is made on a single TCP connection which is never closed.

Message types

There is three types of message.

  • Core -> GUI State : The all state is periodically sent to the GUI, for example each second.
  • Core -> GUI Event : Some events can occurs asynchronously like a new chat message or a new log entry.
  • GUI -> Core Command : The GUI can send commands to the Core to tell it what to do like download this or browse that. It may or not have a respond from the Core depending of the message.

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